Taking a trip?

Ok, two of the central characters in Bell Park just got on an airplane. I did not tell them they could do that! It would certainly be nice to know where they’re going and why. I think the inmates are taking over the asylum.

Wish I could just get on a plane and take a trip. Guess my subconscious does, too. LOL.

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At Facebook

You can find me at Facebook now!

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The 13th Victim Available Now

Both the Kindle and Book versions of The 13th Victim are available at Amazon now. You can also visit my Author Page at Amazon. I’m also about to go live with my Facebook page and I’ll post a link to it here soon.

If you’d like to purchase an autographed copy, contact me via email & I’ll send info on how to get a copy.

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That Trunk!

To those who read my last post, I found out what was in the trunk in Bell Park and the contents may well add quite a bit more to the novel than I had planned. It not only added additional research which took two full days of reading up on a very esoteric item, but the contents bring a third POV to the whole book. And that, my friends, means more pages.

While the book seems to have a mind of its own, it is still disconcerting to have these things happen. Just when I was getting used to the characters not doing what I wanted, now I’m finding strange objects that weren’t supposed to be there. Oy vey.

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First Sale!

Sold my first Kindle copy of The 13th Victim today. Wow. I’ve always had luck with nonfiction, but I never thought selling the first copy of my novel could be so incredible!

Now I want to get back to finishing Bell Park and get started on the second volume in The Taliaferro Chronicles.  I just wish I could get these people in Bell Park to do what I want them to do. Sounds crazy, I know. But, they seem to just have a mind of their own. I thought I knew exactly who the killer was in Bell Park and now it seems that it may be someone else.

Going back and forth between the 1930s dialogue and the modern dialogue is starting to make me a little crazy, too, because I want the people to sound like real people and not like bad caricatures of what someone from the 30s might have sounded like.

And if you read Bell Park and you get to the part about the trunk, guess what? I don’t know what they find there yet, either. So, another reason to stop working on this blog and start working on that book. Back to the Park, I guess.

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And so it goes

Work continues on Bell Park. The background research on early Huntington has proven to be most interesting. Luckily, my knowledge of latter day Huntington is fuller and easier to access. It seems that Huntington, itself, is as much a character within Bell Park as the people are. I had no idea of the many changes of the town or the county had undergone through the past centuries.

While working on this book, I have often thought of my great-grandmother who attended Marshall College there at the turn of the 20th century. I wonder what she would have made of the changes the city has undergone since then.

I have also begun the outline of my third work, tentatively titled The Rainbow is Broken. It is merely a fleshing out of the main plot and characters and will most likely be subject to change as I have found with both The 13th Victim and Bell Park. Often the events and characters are determined by themselves, rather than me.

Either way, The 13th Victim should be available in the next few weeks and I am hoping to have Bell Park completed by mid June. I never know.

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Brave New Worlds

Finally getting things pulled together. Amazing what the desperation of a brain that will not stop can drive you toward. The 13th Victim should be out within a few weeks and available in eBook format shortly after that. I never expected any of this. It’s almost as strange as the way the characters take control of their destinies within the novels. Spending years writing nonfiction never prepared me for that.
I also wasn’t prepared to miss them so much when the books were finished. I’m sure that so many writers of fiction already knew this, but I didn’t, well, at least not on a conscious level.
Can you miss people who never really existed? It’s been so strange and confusing.
For my friends and new readers, I’m halfway through my next novel, Bell Park. (And once again, the characters aren’t doing anything I had planned for them to do!) Well, at least they seem to surprise me every day.
Oh, and if you have a few minutes, I’ve included a short excerpt from The 13th Victim. Enjoy.
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