Pieces of April – Coming Within the Week!

The final volume of The Dreamville Trilogy, Pieces of April, is scheduled within the next week. All the questions and mysteries of the first two volumes – especially the ending of the first volume – is revealed. Look here in the next few days for a sample of Pieces of April. Who would have ever thought that this trilogy would be a mash-up of a romance and science? Certainly not me, although the different versions of the Dreamville realities, or dimensions, could only be held together so tightly by the love of the two main characters.

The science of the idea that life is more than what we may ever fully comprehend, that it is an always changing landscape because of every choice we make or everything we do is one of the few things that drove this trilogy. Arthur C. Clarke’s quote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” was always in the back of my mind as the Dreamville Trilogy developed.

The other driving force was the losing battle to try to save my beloved’s life. Surely, somewhere, in some other magical place or dimension, there has to be a world where he survives or never becomes ill at all. The trilogy is my love letter to him while his long fought battle rages on and yet also winds down. What would we not do to save the life of those we love most?

I promised many of you, my faithful readers, a new world and I hope that Pieces of April fulfills that promise. Well. be prepared. There may be no spaceships, but there are doors into other lives, other roads not taken – all the new things science is discovering and revealing, the magic of science we do not yet see. I hope you enjoy it. And I did keep my promise to those of you who wrote me. Thank you for your faith in what I was trying to build with the Dreamville Trilogy and for your continued belief in it.

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