Dreamville Sequel Now Available

The second volume of the Dreamville Trilogy, Gordon’s Dreams, is now available at Amazon in both Kindle and print formats. This volume, which takes place in Manhattan and Scotland, is told from Gordon’s point of view. It is a love story with a quite a bit of a twist. Questions from Dreamville are answered, but not everything in the first volume was as it seemed.

I liked playing with the idea of what is real and what is not, the idea of different times and even realities all centered upon the love of two people – the idea of using one reality to alter that of another, in other words, what would you do to save the life of the one you loved?

The first volume of Dreamville was told from April’s point of view and the second from Gordon’s. The third, which is already in progress and I’m hoping to have to the publisher this spring, will be told in the third person. And, while the plots sometimes seem non-linear, they have a singular purpose – the love of two people against great impediments.

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