New Novel – Dreamville Released

My new novel, Dreamville, was released in Kindle format at Amazon this weekend. The paper version will be available in about a week.  It’s a bit different from my other books. If I tell you anymore, I’d be giving away too much of the plot, but here’s the description from Amazon, where you can also read a sample of it:

What if your life became a dream of a life you had never lived?
One morning, April Norris awakens to a world that never existed and her life is a life she never lived.She finds herself thrown between times and worlds that are both foreign and familiar to her. And at the center of it, one person, who has never existed in her memory except from one dream, resides to take center stage in her different worlds.
A rational woman, she seeks the answers to the mysteries that have changed her world. Is she traveling in time and dimensions? Is she dreaming or are the changes that constantly spin her life out of control the result of trauma? Has she died or is everything merely a product of the place she has come to call Dreamville?
As the lost puzzle pieces of her life fall back into place, she questions what is real and what is not and whether Dreamville is a nightmare or the truth.

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