The Name is Changed, But . . .

Finally, the second volume of the Taliaferro Chronicles is done and should be available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format within the next few days. The paper version will be out sometime next week and will be available at other locations.
Now for the first surprise – the book, which is about murders in the New River Valley, was retitled Redemption Ridge, which my editor suggested and I agreed that it fit better than the working title of Broken Rainbow.
And for another surprise, the book is almost 500 pages long, coming in at just around 465 pages. But trust me, it was edited to the point that every chapter has surprises, twists, and new information about the characters and plot. As for the question that everyone has been asking me, does one of the main characters die? Well, I won’t say. Besides, who wants to know the end of the book before they read it?
But, the biggest surprise is my holiday gift to my readers. If you haven’t read volume I of the Taliaferro Chronicles, The 13th Victim, for a very limited time you will be able to get it at Amazon for 99 cents.
So, now that this book is done, I’m going to take a short holiday before starting on my fourth book, which will be released in early spring.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

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