What I’ve Been Listening To as I Write

Found a little widget at Amazon that I placed over on the sidebar where I listed just 12 songs of the over 4 hour playlist I listened to while writing the last few months. The four hour length for my actual list often served as a good indicator to me that I need to take a break. LOL.

Anyway, some of the songs you’ll like, some maybe you won’t. Just giving you an idea of how I tune out the world in order to enter the one inside my head. The songs and artists are eclectic, to say the least, but they were ones that I heard somewhere and sort of stuck.

Some of them came from songs on Amazon’s freebie list and some from albums on their reduced price for an hour or so list. I bought some of the albums for just $5 and some I paid the full price.

It doesn’t matter anyway since I stopped counting my albums, 45s, & 78s (yes, I have those, too) after awhile. (Yard sales and flea markets are the best place to find the old stuff.)

They’re mostly vinyl – yes, I love the analog sound of vinyl. What makes it possible is a turntable that plugs into my computer and I can put almost anything from a 1920s Sophie Tucker song to a favorite new one & listen to them uninterrupted. Having very large back-up hard drive helps, too.

The songs will probably change with the beginning of the second book in the Taliaferro Chronicles because it follows two men who kill together from the 70s to the present (yeah, a clue for you who are looking for info on the second Taliaferro book), but the current list is just a sample of what I listed to while writing The 13th Victim and Bell Park.

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  1. Renee says:

    I should mention that I’ve been a musician maybe longer than I’ve been a writer since my earliest memories were of music. My grandfather was a piano teacher and my father played a great jazz/swing trumpet so not having music in my house was never an option. I was classically trained on several instruments, but I love just about any type of music. Guess the list hints at that, though.

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