First Sale!

Sold my first Kindle copy of The 13th Victim today. Wow. I’ve always had luck with nonfiction, but I never thought selling the first copy of my novel could be so incredible!

Now I want to get back to finishing Bell Park and get started on the second volume in The Taliaferro Chronicles.  I just wish I could get these people in Bell Park to do what I want them to do. Sounds crazy, I know. But, they seem to just have a mind of their own. I thought I knew exactly who the killer was in Bell Park and now it seems that it may be someone else.

Going back and forth between the 1930s dialogue and the modern dialogue is starting to make me a little crazy, too, because I want the people to sound like real people and not like bad caricatures of what someone from the 30s might have sounded like.

And if you read Bell Park and you get to the part about the trunk, guess what? I don’t know what they find there yet, either. So, another reason to stop working on this blog and start working on that book. Back to the Park, I guess.

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