And so it goes

Work continues on Bell Park. The background research on early Huntington has proven to be most interesting. Luckily, my knowledge of latter day Huntington is fuller and easier to access. It seems that Huntington, itself, is as much a character within Bell Park as the people are. I had no idea of the many changes of the town or the county had undergone through the past centuries.

While working on this book, I have often thought of my great-grandmother who attended Marshall College there at the turn of the 20th century. I wonder what she would have made of the changes the city has undergone since then.

I have also begun the outline of my third work, tentatively titled The Rainbow is Broken. It is merely a fleshing out of the main plot and characters and will most likely be subject to change as I have found with both The 13th Victim and Bell Park. Often the events and characters are determined by themselves, rather than me.

Either way, The 13th Victim should be available in the next few weeks and I am hoping to have Bell Park completed by mid June. I never know.

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