Brave New Worlds

Finally getting things pulled together. Amazing what the desperation of a brain that will not stop can drive you toward. The 13th Victim should be out within a few weeks and available in eBook format shortly after that. I never expected any of this. It’s almost as strange as the way the characters take control of their destinies within the novels. Spending years writing nonfiction never prepared me for that.
I also wasn’t prepared to miss them so much when the books were finished. I’m sure that so many writers of fiction already knew this, but I didn’t, well, at least not on a conscious level.
Can you miss people who never really existed? It’s been so strange and confusing.
For my friends and new readers, I’m halfway through my next novel, Bell Park. (And once again, the characters aren’t doing anything I had planned for them to do!) Well, at least they seem to surprise me every day.
Oh, and if you have a few minutes, I’ve included a short excerpt from The 13th Victim. Enjoy.
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