Thank you to everyone for reading Pieces of April, the final volume in the Dreamville trilogy. I am now hard a work on a new book and will let you know as it progresses. This new book was actually born from the request of a reader (thank you very much) and is going much easier than I thought it would be.

As for those Taliaferro women and their Chronicles, they will be back in a new novel later this year. Pea and Mary and their family and friends have found that one serial killer in particular has decided that the little group of friends need to be stopped. That’s the only teaser I’m going to give you, but if you liked the other books, you’re going to be very happy with this one.

Now, off to write something other than this blog post. Those new characters are already telling me their story.

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Pieces of April – Coming Within the Week!

The final volume of The Dreamville Trilogy, Pieces of April, is scheduled within the next week. All the questions and mysteries of the first two volumes – especially the ending of the first volume – is revealed. Look here in the next few days for a sample of Pieces of April. Who would have ever thought that this trilogy would be a mash-up of a romance and science? Certainly not me, although the different versions of the Dreamville realities, or dimensions, could only be held together so tightly by the love of the two main characters.

The science of the idea that life is more than what we may ever fully comprehend, that it is an always changing landscape because of every choice we make or everything we do is one of the few things that drove this trilogy. Arthur C. Clarke’s quote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” was always in the back of my mind as the Dreamville Trilogy developed.

The other driving force was the losing battle to try to save my beloved’s life. Surely, somewhere, in some other magical place or dimension, there has to be a world where he survives or never becomes ill at all. The trilogy is my love letter to him while his long fought battle rages on and yet also winds down. What would we not do to save the life of those we love most?

I promised many of you, my faithful readers, a new world and I hope that Pieces of April fulfills that promise. Well. be prepared. There may be no spaceships, but there are doors into other lives, other roads not taken – all the new things science is discovering and revealing, the magic of science we do not yet see. I hope you enjoy it. And I did keep my promise to those of you who wrote me. Thank you for your faith in what I was trying to build with the Dreamville Trilogy and for your continued belief in it.

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Dreamville Sequel Now Available

The second volume of the Dreamville Trilogy, Gordon’s Dreams, is now available at Amazon in both Kindle and print formats. This volume, which takes place in Manhattan and Scotland, is told from Gordon’s point of view. It is a love story with a quite a bit of a twist. Questions from Dreamville are answered, but not everything in the first volume was as it seemed.

I liked playing with the idea of what is real and what is not, the idea of different times and even realities all centered upon the love of two people – the idea of using one reality to alter that of another, in other words, what would you do to save the life of the one you loved?

The first volume of Dreamville was told from April’s point of view and the second from Gordon’s. The third, which is already in progress and I’m hoping to have to the publisher this spring, will be told in the third person. And, while the plots sometimes seem non-linear, they have a singular purpose – the love of two people against great impediments.

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Dreamville Sequel Scheduled for Autumn Release

I can officially confirm via my publisher that the sequel to Dreamville will be available this autumn. If you were suprised by the final chapter of Dreamville, get ready for answers and more surprises. In Dreamville, nothing is ever what it seems.

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The Wind Storm

I had no idea that the orange, horizontal lightning would change me in such a short time. I had walked to our mailbox just as the clouds quickly rolled across the sky and I stopped in the intersection to watch the light show overhead.

It reminded me of watching what my father called heat lightning one summer night so long ago and that memory made me miss him more than I have in the past few years. Neighbors came into the street as the power went off and we all stood together watching the sky as it turned from yellow-orange to gray. Little was said and I think we were all lost in our own memories and thoughts.

I left the small cluster and by the time I had reached the wrap around porch of our Queen Anne house, the wind had arrived. Rob met me at the side door and urged me to come in, but I remembered my plants and ran to move them. By the time I had finished my tasks, I had reached the curve in the porch and turned my face away from the wind just to see the top of the maple tree across the street being sheared off, lifted and dropped onto the empty neighboring house. All I could think of was broccoli and the way I removed the stems from the florets.

I called out to Rob and I tried to move forward to him. I leaned into the wind and stretched my hand out to him as I could not move forward, but he could not hear me as he stared into the roaring wind. I had never stood in wind gusts that strong and I had survived two hurricanes. It became a moment frozen in my memory – the outstretched hand, the roar so loud that it deadened all other sound, and watching Rob stare into the face of the storm.

Few things frighten me, including the scary basement in my house that looks like the set of Saw. I handle emergencies well and I’m prepared for them, but that night I think I saw a future I am not ready for yet and it scared me – my hand reaching and finding no purchase in his.

One of the characters in my last book asked if great love required great sacrifice. I don’t know. If you’ve been lucky and you find the right person at 19, you think that they’ll always be there. Now, so many years later, I’m not so blind and all I can think of is that empty, outstretched hand and it terrifies me.

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New novel released! An Inquisition of Angels

An Inquisition of Angels, volume III of the Taliaferro Chronicles, has just been released and is available on Kindle now and the paper copy should be out in the next few days. The book is being offered at an introductory price on the Kindle for the next few weeks, then it reverts to its regular price of $9.99. Also, for those who are unfamiliar with the Chronicles, Amazon will be running a promo on the first volume on June 29 and 30!

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New Novel – Dreamville Released

My new novel, Dreamville, was released in Kindle format at Amazon this weekend. The paper version will be available in about a week.  It’s a bit different from my other books. If I tell you anymore, I’d be giving away too much of the plot, but here’s the description from Amazon, where you can also read a sample of it:

What if your life became a dream of a life you had never lived?
One morning, April Norris awakens to a world that never existed and her life is a life she never lived.She finds herself thrown between times and worlds that are both foreign and familiar to her. And at the center of it, one person, who has never existed in her memory except from one dream, resides to take center stage in her different worlds.
A rational woman, she seeks the answers to the mysteries that have changed her world. Is she traveling in time and dimensions? Is she dreaming or are the changes that constantly spin her life out of control the result of trauma? Has she died or is everything merely a product of the place she has come to call Dreamville?
As the lost puzzle pieces of her life fall back into place, she questions what is real and what is not and whether Dreamville is a nightmare or the truth.

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The Snowstorm

Many of you are probably suffering through this storm right now. It’s a big one and I doubt if we’ll have power by morning – the disadvantage of living in a very small town in the mountains.
But, there are advantages. After the snow had been falling for about an hour, I pulled on my daughter’s pink and tan hand-me down boots, a water-proof North Face jacket, and headed down the mountain to the bridge over the Greenbrier.
No traffic. No sound. No people. Even the animals were silent throughout town. I kept thinking of the short story, Silent Snow, Secret Snow, as I walked. We haven’t had much snow this winter and this storm was a reminder of things and times long past.
By the time I reached the bridge, the snow was making familiar landmarks fade into a white blur. Even the river disappeared into the thickening blind of white. I walked over to the town bandstand and sat on a bench in the center of it, thinking I might take a few pictures, but realizing it would be futile. The falling snow was simply too thick.
As I climbed the mountain back to my house, I noticed that my bootprints from descending the mountain were long gone. The trek to and from the bridge is one mile. As I neared the the halfway point, I had to make the decision of whether to climb the steep slope under tree branches burdened by inches of ice and snow or take the longer path up the center of the road.
I chose the shorter, yet harder and more dangerous path under the trees. My jacket was beginning to become crusted with snow and ice itself and as I walked under the trees, I could hear small and  sharp cracking sounds overhead. I moved faster up the slope and within ten minutes I was home.
Now, five hours later, the snow still falls. The house is quiet except for the occasional snore of the boxer and Rob’s footsteps upstairs as he prepares for bed. I’m getting ready to go back to the book I left behind last Saturday. Ending it will not be an easy task, but I rarely choose the easier path. Sometimes, the steeper climb is the better choice.

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Redemption Ridge – Volume 2 of The Taliaferro Chronicles

Redemption Ridge is now live on Amazon for the Kindle. The paper version should be available sometime within the next week. If you get a Kindle for Christmas, take a look at the books. I have Volume 1, The 13th Victim on sale for the holidays.

I bought the new Kindle Fire, with the Verso Antique Book Cover, and I love it. On my book shelf, it looks just like one of my antique, leather bound books. Open it up, and it’s the 21st century. Amazing technology!

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The Name is Changed, But . . .

Finally, the second volume of the Taliaferro Chronicles is done and should be available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format within the next few days. The paper version will be out sometime next week and will be available at other locations.
Now for the first surprise – the book, which is about murders in the New River Valley, was retitled Redemption Ridge, which my editor suggested and I agreed that it fit better than the working title of Broken Rainbow.
And for another surprise, the book is almost 500 pages long, coming in at just around 465 pages. But trust me, it was edited to the point that every chapter has surprises, twists, and new information about the characters and plot. As for the question that everyone has been asking me, does one of the main characters die? Well, I won’t say. Besides, who wants to know the end of the book before they read it?
But, the biggest surprise is my holiday gift to my readers. If you haven’t read volume I of the Taliaferro Chronicles, The 13th Victim, for a very limited time you will be able to get it at Amazon for 99 cents.
So, now that this book is done, I’m going to take a short holiday before starting on my fourth book, which will be released in early spring.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

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